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The Ins and Outs of H-Wave Therapy

I purchased an H-Wave machine in 2019 and I've never looked back. I regularly use it during physiotherapy appointments (and on myself in the evenings!) and love the results.

What can H-Wave be used for?

· Oedema

· Sub-acute or chronic tissue damage

· Muscle spasm

· Pain

· Nerve damage

· Compromised circulation

How does H-Wave work?

The H-Wave machine uses a wave form which mimics the Hoffman Reflex. It generates a mild current to produces a comfortable, non-fatiguing muscle contraction.

Low frequency – 2HZ (20 minutes)

Therapy setting

- Contracts muscle fibers

- Promotes blood flow

- Encourages lymphatic circulation

- Promotes angiogenesis

High frequency – 60 HZ (10 minutes)

Pain setting

- Affects the function of the sodium pump within the nerve

Shuts down pain signals

How is H-Wave therapy different to other electrical stimulation?

- Other modalities, such as TENS, only temporarily mask pain. H-wave provides longer lasting relief.

- The H-Wave waveform produces less resistance at the skin/electrode interface which allows a stronger current to be used more comfortably.

- A more effective muscle contraction can be achieved.

Can all horses have H-Wave therapy?

There are some contraindications for H-Wave therapy:

- Sepsis

- Heart problems e.g. murmur

- An animal subject to seizures

- Pregnancy

- Undiagnosed pain

- Tumours

If your horse has any of these conditions H-Wave can still be used in some cases, however, I will discuss with your vet before treatment.

How often should H-Wave be used?

An intensive course of H-Wave may be advised:

Week 1 – 3 sessions

Week 2 – 2 sessions

Week 3 – 1 session

A single session of H-Wave may also be used for maintenance.

Do horses like H-Wave therapy?

Most horses are very happy and enjoy the H-Wave. Here is my own horse who absolutely LOVES it and always grooms the fence.....

What does the research say?

- 78% of H-Wave users reported significant pain relief

- 65% of users were able to reduce or completely eliminate the need for pain medicine

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