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MSc Anatomy Portfolio

The other day I was sorting through my notes and assignments from my MSc Veterinary

Physiotherapy at Writtle. I came across my anatomy portfolio which I thought some of you would be interested to see! The portfolio looks at both dogs and horses.

For the portfolio I was required to pick 8 possible injuries seen in dogs and/or horses. I chose:

Dogs - Elbow Dysplasia, Gracilis Rupture, Humeral Fracture and Sciatic nerve Injury.

Horses - Cervical Vertebral Malformation, Proximal Suspensory Desmopathy, Hamstring Injury and Traumatic Arthritis of the Fetlock.

I then undertook dissections so I could photograph the anatomical structures linked to each of the chosen injuries. I completed the portfolio by writing a short synopsis of each injury - this included causes, recognition and treatment.

If you click on the below link you can download a the portfolio as a PDF. Please be aware it does include dissection pictures!

Any questions feel free to ask!

Claire :)

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