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Rider, Vet Physio, Coach - Why all 3?!

I have always offered riding, veterinary physiotherapy and coaching, but recently I decided to rebrand from Claire Martin Veterinary Physiotherapy to Blue Cat Equestrian. I wanted to push that I am qualified and experienced in all three areas. Its is a good question though....why have a chosen to offer all three services rather than just focusing on one?

There are a few reasons:

Jaffa and I jumping the BE intermediate table at Isleham.
  • As an instructor and rider, I am able to plan sessions which are suitable for your horse both in terms of level of training and biomechanic ability. Unfortunately, I have seen instructors pushing and pushing a horse to try and do a task that they just aren't capable of - maybe the horse doesn't have enough muscle build or has an underlying injury.

  • As a physiotherapist, I am able to create a rehabilitation program which is suitable for you and your horses level of training. It would not be appropriate for me to ask an owner to long-line their horse if they had never done it before or didn't feel confident doing it.


Lizzy mastering a jumping exercise!
  • I am able to offer ridden and ground work lessons to help owners learn skills which I may suggest in a rehabilitation plan. Some veterinary physiotherapy insurance does not cover teaching things such a, lunging, long lining, pole work exercises, ridden work - a physiotherapist may suggest it, but then ask you to find an instructor to help. I am insured through the British Horse Society to teach both ground and ridden lessons.

  • I can ride your horse as part of a veterinary physiotherapy assessment. Sometimes clients tell me they can feel something which I can't see from the ground - in this case I will often ask to ride the horse. As an experienced rider, who has ridden as a lameness case rider for both The Animal Heath Trust and Newmarket Equine Hospital, I developed a very good 'feel' for a horses way of going.

Alexa and Danny practicing flatwork.
  • Clients often chose to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly lessons/rides. If I am regularly watching/riding a horse I am able to pick up subtle changes which may indicate a potential issue. At this point I can suggest the horse has a physiotherapy appointment; the earlier I can pick things up the better! This helps me to help keep your horse in tip top condition.

It really believe that working as a rider, veterinary physiotherapist and coach allows me to offer a multidimensional, well-round approach and helps to bring out the best in you and your horse. This lead me to create The Blue Cat Equestrian Ethos....

The Blue Cat Equestrian Ethos

‘‘As a veterinary physiotherapist, rider and coach I offer a multidimensional approach to your horse’s needs. I strongly believe physiotherapy is an important aspect in the management of all horses, not only to help them perform to the best of their ability, but also for general wellbeing. In addition, having a knowledge of your horse’s biomechanical strengths, weaknesses and any rehabilitation needs allows me to offer targeted riding and coaching to bring out the best in your partnership.’’

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your horse with me, please don't hesitate to contact!

Claire :)

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