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The art of a successful schooling session!

Do you ever find yourself having an unproductive schooling session? Maybe you have great lessons but when you are on your own you find yourself wondering what to do....

I used to really struggle with this. In particular I remember when I was working with a young horse I owned called Digger. I had regular lesson on him and they were amazing - they were always focused and productive. However, when I was left to my own devices I struggled with what to do and how to achieve things, which can be really frustrating!

Digger as a 3 year old.

So what did I do about it?

PLAN PLAN PLAN. It was a simple as that - I made a plan before I started (of course, sometimes you will have to adaptable as you go along, but having an outline plan is invaluable).

When you first start making sessions plans you may find it easiest to write them down. I have created a 'BCE Simple Session Plan Template' which you are welcome to use:

This document is easy to follow and gives you ideas on how to structure your session and what to include in the plan. Alternatively, you could design your own!

I have also provided an example of a filled in session plan:

The first time you make a plan it may take you a little while - but the more you do the quicker you will get. You can also print them out and add them to a folder, over time you will end up with a handy collection of session plans. Once you get the hang of session planning you probably won't even need to write them down and can just make a quick plan in your head.

Hopefully this helps you make those solo schooling sessions focused, interesting and productive!

Claire :)

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