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The Power of Light!

Many of my clients will have seen me use my Photizo Vetcare Light Therapy Unit during a physio session. I always try and explain a little bit about how it works but I thought it was time to do a blog post, complete with diagrams, to help give you a better understanding.

What does the Photizo Vetcare look like and how is it used?

It is a small handheld device:

The unit provides a non-invasive treatment and its super easy to use. You simply place the head of the machine over the area and press the 'on' button. It then delivers a pre-programmed dosage of red and infrared light. Once it has completed the treatment it will automatically turn itself off.

What can the Photizo be used for?

There is a wide range of acute and chronic conditions it can be used to help treat:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries - ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints

  • Wounds

  • Arthritis

  • Bruising

  • Inflammation/swelling

  • Skin conditions

  • Pain

What type of light does the Photizo use?

It uses both red and infrared light.

  • Red light has a wavelength of 633nm and is best for treating conditions close to the surface -e.g. wounds.

  • Infrared light has a wavelength of 850nm. It penetrates deeper and therefore more useful in treating conditions which involve muscles, bones, joints.

Image from Photizo website.

How Photizo works

Animals are made up of trillions of cells - cells are the building blocks of the body so we want them to be working effectively! Simply, light therapy works by energising compromised cells - if cells are able to function optimally then the healing process is improved.

  • Cells have something called a mitochondrion - this is the 'powerhouse' of the cell. Think of it as the cells battery.

Get ready for some questionable drawing and the most simplified cell you have ever seen!! This is a healthy, normal cell - its 'battery' is fully charged:


Normal cells can become compromised (damaged) due to age, injury or disease. When a cell is damaged....

  • the battery becomes discharged - no energy can be produced so the cell can't function

  • there is an insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients

  • inflammation can surround the cell:

The Photizo device recharges the cells 'battery'. It also helps to reduce the any surrounding inflammation which creates a healthy environment for the cell and ensures a adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. The cell is now able to function normally.

The Research

There is limited research done on the actual Photizo device. However, there is a multitude of research surrounding the benefits of both red and infrared light, which the Photizo device uses. This includes:

  • increasing energy in cells

  • helps cellular regeneration

  • reduced inflammation

  • increases circulation

  • helps prevent cell death if applied within 4-6 hours of injury

  • increased lymphatic activity.

In addition, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence which supports the use of Photizo. Here is a link to a few case studies:

Further Information

If you would like further information on the Photizo device head over to: or

Claire :)

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